CRS provides total subrogation support for our clients. We can take the place of an in-house subrogation department or we can handle overflow files when a backlog occurs. Additionally, we can be a solution to one or several aspects of your subrogation needs.

We have developed four distinct units within CRS to assist our clients in recovering the most total dollars possible while reducing cycle time. Our services are performed by: Insurance Claims Unit, Arbitration Team, Uninsured Motorists Collection Department and the Legal Recovery Group.

By creating these units and streamlining our recovery processes, CRS consistently provides outstanding results for our clients. For more information on our service please feel free to contact us at 800-949-5655 or email us at

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Uninsured Motorists

The cornerstone of CRS is our Uninsured Motorist Group. The Uninsured Motorist Group handles negotiation and recovery from uninsured motorists. Our team of dedicated collectors endures a rigorous training program teaching the rules of the collection business as outlined by the American Collectors Association (ACA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Each member of our collection staff is completely familiar with the federal and state rules that govern the collection industry, as well as the rules and procedures of the Insurance Carriers we serve.

Our goal within the Uninsured Motorist Group is to collect the most dollars in the shortest amount of time for our clients. We use technology and experience to determine proper settlements with the adverse claimants.

In order to recover the most dollars for our clients, our collectors use cutting edge skip tracing and asset searching databases. Developing a complete financial perspective of the adverse claimant’s financial situation is crucial in determining the most appropriate reimbursement or settlement. As recovery is determined we work closely with our clients to ensure settlements are authorized.



– Complete processing of Intercompany arbitration filings in all forums including Auto, PIP, Med Pay, Special and Property.

– Placements in all 50 states to encompass familiarity with all negligence statutes.

– Routine use of E-Subro Hub platform for clients toward recovery and matriculation of claims from subrogation department into On-line filing.


– A top 5 provider of intercompany arbitration filings


– Team of ten (10) dedicated Arbitration Writers. These specialists average 16 years experience in writing and preparing cases for i/c/a. 9 of the 10 have served as volunteer Arbitrators in hearing dockets at Arbitration Forums.


– Volume based competitive rates. To request a copy of our rate schedule/fact sheet, email or call Kevin Pike:

Kevin Pike, Arbitration Client Services
Claims Resource Services – Dallas, TX
800.949.5655 ext. 149
‘Top 5 Provider for Intercompany Arbitration’
Follow: @Arb2Win


– Dedicated arbitration team in support of specialists to include Arbitration Manager channeling and monitoring workflow; specific point person for administrative review of decisions and expedited collection on Awards.

– Monthly Dashboard Report on arbitration performance provided to clients presenting trending analysis across (21) critical indicators of arbitration success.

– Industry’s only Weekly Arbitration Blog dedicated to the success of claim professionals involved in intercompany arbitration.

– Arbitration Client Services department with 25 year experience in the industry through account management, training and strategic case presentation.

– Audit process assuring commitment to established protocol for every case submitted and adherence to ‘best practices’ Guide for case presentation.

Insurance Group

The Insurance Group provides two-fold support for clients: direct placed subrogation files and loss coverage undetermined. Many of our clients ask us to handle all levels of subrogation work for them, while others prefer to outsource specific portfolios (for example closed file audits, uninsured, short-pay, etc). Our Insurance Group works diligently with both the clients who outsource subrogation files, while also working with clients who specifically send over Uninsured Motorists files and through investigation insurance coverage is discovered. Our Insurance team is well versed in policy language and they understand the intricacies of settling a claim with the adverse carrier.

The Insurance Group is also familiar with the benefits of inter-company arbitration. They have a keen eye and are skilled in determining files that are arbitration-appropriate and will forward the files on to the Arbitration Team. Additionally, if the Insurance Group determines that there is no insurance coverage in the loss they are adjusting, they will forward the file to the Uninsured Motorist Group for potential collection.


The staff at CRS is able to prepare your subrogation files for lawsuit by investigating the tortfeasor and by determining and locating any assets they may have. This information can be used by counsel to recover money within the litigation arena through judgment or lien.

CRS also provides legal referrals based on the needs of our clients. We review the file, and based upon the type of file and the loss location, we can recommend qualified subrogation attorneys that will be happy to pursue your claim and ultimately recover money for your office.

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Active participant in the E-subro hub platform.