The Insurance Group provides two-fold support for clients: direct placed subrogation files and loss coverage undetermined. Many of our clients ask us to handle all levels of subrogation work for them, while others prefer to outsource specific portfolios (for example closed file audits, uninsured, short-pay, etc). Our Insurance Group works diligently with both the clients who outsource subrogation files, while also working with clients who specifically send over Uninsured Motorists files and through investigation insurance coverage is discovered. Our Insurance team is well versed in policy language and they understand the intricacies of settling a claim with the adverse carrier.

The Insurance Group is also familiar with the benefits of inter-company arbitration. They have a keen eye and are skilled in determining files that are arbitration-appropriate and will forward the files on to the Arbitration Team. Additionally, if the Insurance Group determines that there is no insurance coverage in the loss they are adjusting, they will forward the file to the Uninsured Motorist Group for potential collection.