Arbitration Writer (Contractor Position)

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The position of Arbitration Specialist involves liability analysis, evidence preparation and argument presentation on vehicle insurance claims.  Candidate should have extensive experience in Arbitration Writing and any or all of the following: insurance claims, subrogation, liability analysis and law.  Candidates must have strong writing and communication skills, strong analytical skills and basic math skills.  Candidates also must possess understanding of vehicular liability laws.  Candidates must be assertive, energetic, self-motivated, results-oriented and demonstrate decision making with strong problem solving skills.  Additional knowledge in other lines of coverage such as PIP, Med Pay and Property helpful.  Candidates should be able to provide 2-3 case samples.



  1. Pick up each file’s pertinent documentation electronically when files are assigned and review different insurance carrier’s evidence/documents.
  2. Determine each files “Arbitrability”.
  3. Prepare the arbitration application Online Form in Arbitration Forum’s, Inc. website.
  4. Write persuasive Contentions presenting our Client’s theory of liability, theme of the case and request for damages. Handle challenge defenses, deferments, appeals and errors.  Additionally, be familiar with Material Damage argument in Arbitration.
  5. Prepare a scene diagram, when helpful and/or necessary consistent with the Contentions, the claim file and the Client’s liability position.
  6. Choose, collate and otherwise organize the evidence package to support the Contentions and prove the Client’s position before the Arbitrator.

This is a contractor position. The candidates will, at his/her own expense, provide his/her own facilities or office to perform all Services and will work according to his/her own schedule.  All job requirements listed indicate the minimum level of knowledge, skills and/or ability deemed necessary to perform the job proficiently.



  • 5 or more years of experience in Arbitration Contentions Writing.
  • The Arbitration Specialist shall be completely knowledgeable in all Rules and procedures of Arbitration Forums, Inc.
  • The Arbitration Specialist should have experience with Arbitration Forums, Inc. E-Subro Hub platform and be willing to become familiar with Arbitration Forums, Inc. Total Recovery Solutions workflow and filing process.
  • The Arbitration Specialist shall also be well-versed in the California Vehicle Code and knowledgeable about the vehicle code of any state for which the Arbitration Specialist will be preparing arbitration files.
  • The Arbitration Specialist shall also be conversant in the basics of negligence law, types of Evidence inherent in subrogation files and recoverable damages.
  • High attention to detail with the ability to write persuasive case argument.
  • Highly computer, software and Internet literate. Experienced in PDF documentation programs and proficiency with Outlook, Word and Excel.



Please submit your Resume describing your background and Arbitration qualifications along with sample Contentions case examples.

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